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Author: Clifton Adcock

A veteran investigative reporter who has covered eastern Oklahoma for more than 15 years, Clifton joined The Frontier in April 2017. A native of southeastern Oklahoma, he has covered numerous issues from criminal justice to politics for publications including the Tulsa World, the Oklahoma Gazette, and Oklahoma Watch. Clifton holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. Clifton can be reached at clifton@readfrontier.com. Follow him on Twitter @cliftonhowze

Most companies on Oklahoma’s blacklist aren’t actually subject to a state law banning ‘woke’ investing. The State Treasurer added them anyway

The Frontier found the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s office applied criteria for blacklisting companies inconsistently, leaving some firms claiming they have been arbitrarily and wrongly banned from doing business with the state. The blacklist could have far-reaching effects on everything from financing for public works projects to how state payroll checks are processed.