The Frontier checks the facts, which helps keep public officials and other powerful forces in check. 

Over the past year, our staff has found inaccurate information about contraceptives spread by a local anti-abortion group.

We fact-checked Gov. Kevin Stitt on his push for tax cuts and found misleading statements about the state’s finances.

We found misleading statements from state lawmakers about a bill to restrict access to treatment for transgender youth.

And we’ve repeatedly called out State Superintendent Ryan Walters for false statements he’s made about the role he played in a flawed pandemic relief program. Under Walters’ watch, families used federal relief money for school supplies to buy video games, home appliances and other non-educational expenses. 

We always try to seek out the most credible sources to check the veracity of statements made by public officials. Our sources have included government data, historical records and interviews with experts.     

If The Frontier rates something as misleading or false, we have a rule that we contact the person or group that made the statement and give them a chance to respond and provide evidence backing up their claim. It’s part of being fair and doing good journalism. 

We hope our fact checks will help keep Oklahoma voters informed. As we gear up for elections in 2024, we know this work will be more important than ever. 

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